Zakia’s Morocco (ZM) is delighted to be promoting bath and beauty products with prestige retailers that have a desire to develop their own brand.  We seek to make this easy for the Brand Owner that wants to focus developing their brand and not be concerned about the manufacturing, filling, labeling and finishing of the products.  In most cases we can turn around your ideas to a finished product within 4-6 weeks. 


This is our White Label Product Program. 

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Minimum order quantity is 12 units of any single sku. 

  • Packaging

Packaging to be provided by ZM – packaging includes container (jar,bottle,bag,bucket) top, seals, etc.  Packaging limited to existing stock offering provide as appendix I (attached) or found on our website:  Should customer wish to provide own packaging then costs associated with shipping to ZM facilities, storage and supplemental packaging fees may apply.


  • Labeling

Given the nature of labeling design,


  • Customer is responsible for their own label artwork and design.
  • ZM provides label dimensions for relevant container
  • Customer is responsible for all label contents including necessary local, state and federal requirements regarding measure, ingredients, instructions, provenance, bar codes etc., including independent bar codes specific to the subject product including any supplementary codes that may apply to specific marketplace (i.e. Amazon).
  • Customer is responsible for printing and shipping final label to ZM facilities at own cost
  • Service Provided

ZM to provide the following service:

  • Hot or Cold dispense of product into container
  • Validate weights and measures
  • Validate quality, consistency and purity
  • Apply closure
  • Apply label
  • Apply Tamper Proof Heat Seal (if appropriate)
  • Pick, pack and seal for shipping carton
  • Costs

The White Label Product Program is offered as a value-added service to our wholesale customers. 

  • One-time set up fee - $100.
  • Wholesale price of product
  • Storage Fees - $0.69 per square foot/per month; first 30 days free
  • No production fee
  • No fulfillment fee
  • No handling (pick,pack & ship) fee


  • Documentation

Private Label Manufacturing Agreement

Private Label Form


We look forward to working with you to develop your exciting new own-brand product offering. 


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